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About Us


Make your cleaning easier with us!
Ezel Örme Tekstil is proud to present you the perfect world of microfiber. Meet our quality and take your understanding of cleaning to the next level. We invite you to the clean, high quality and environmentally friendly world of Ezel Örme Tekstil.

About us
Pioneer of Microfiber
Established in 2021 as the heir of a deep-rooted past, Ezel Örme Tekstil Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi has more than 30 years of experience in the production of microfiber cleaning cloths. Our company, which plays a leading role in the sector with its advanced technology and continuous development approach, pushes the limits of quality and innovation with the latest technology raw materials and production machines.

Assurance of Experience:
With our knowledge from the past, we are proud to offer quality and effective microfiber products to our customers. By closely following the technological developments that shape the industry, we constantly improve our production processes and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Diversity and Quality:
We appeal to a wide customer base with our wholesale and retail sales. While the diversity in our product group allows us to offer microfiber solutions suitable for all kinds of needs, we make a difference in the sector with our production quality and standards.

From Domestic Market to Global Arena:
Our goal with our PolyClean brand is to have a presence not only in the domestic market but also in the international arena. In addition, we are working to offer our quality and original products to a wider audience by reaching our customers around the world with our private label production developed for demand.

Customer Focused Approach:
Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We aim to create value for our customers at all stages from the moment of order to the after-sales support process. We are committed to being a reliable business partner to our customers with our production quality, product standards, order delivery time and accurate price policy.

Excitement for the Future:
Ezel Örme Tekstil has the vision of becoming a leading brand in the field of microfiber cleaning cloths by combining the experience of the past with the excitement of the future. We aim to redefine the concept of cleaning with our customer satisfaction and quality-oriented approach.

Vision: To have a say in the world in the microfiber cleaning cloths industry and to offer the best quality products to our customers.
We strive to be globally influential in the microfiber cleaning cloths industry, to offer the best quality products to our customers and to offer the most accurate prices in the industry.

Mission We strive to produce microfiber cleaning cloths, retail and wholesale, providing our customers with high quality, durable and environmentally friendly products. We constantly improve our products to meet our customers' needs and deliver value to our customers. We do our best at every stage, from order initiation to after-sales processes, to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. We also export to make our products available to our customers around the world.

What is Microfiber Cleaning Cloth?
Microfiber cleaning cloths are a special type of fabric produced from thin threads. These cloths contain fine fibers that clean surfaces more effectively. Microfiber cloths help clean dirt, oil, water and other particles on surfaces more effectively. These cloths can be used dry or slightly damp and have the ability to polish and clean surfaces without the need for chemical cleaners. The benefits of microfiber cloths include effective cleaning, low chemical use, fast drying, scratch-free, reusable and durable features.